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The skylight glass ceiling is a transparent ceiling that implemented on glass and aluminum instead of other materials. the glass ceiling or glass windows give a special beauty to your surroundings.

Skylight ceiling brings the sun to your house by opening a portion of your roof and converting it into a glass or polycarbonate ceiling.

To run the Sky Light system, or glass ceiling in large areas, the surface is first calculated by IPE or profiles designed by the structural engineer and then mounted on aluminum sheets and finally cover glass or polycarbonate ceiling.

The SKYLIGHT system is the best option for interacting with the environment and creating a visual connection between indoor and outdoor and using natural light in the building.

Some of the benefits that can generally be mentioned for running Skylights are:

  1. Variation in the color scheme
  2. Help create more brightness
  3. Excellent absorption of vitamin D
  4. Enjoy the natural beauty
  5. Excellent resistance to wind and rain
  6. Lightning resistance
  7. Unbreakable and anti-impact
  8. Noise insulation
  9. Beautiful and compact
  10. The door can be removable if needed

The cost of developing high-quality, high-quality skylights will vary greatly depending on the volume and space this model is intended to use.

But overall, because of the high energy savings, Skylight can be a cost-effective and ideal option.

Application of skylight glass ceilings

  1. Illuminates by direct or indirect sunlight through the spotlight.
  2. making visible the outside of the building and enjoying the surroundings.
  3. Exchange the internal air and making the environment tolerable.

Sky Light, which is of course a glass ceiling, is made of glass and aluminum and is a subset of the Curtain Wall facade. This type of facade is used horizontally and vertically at the top of the structure and because of its high sensitivity, it has to follow many factors.

Sky Light Curtain Wall is one of the best and most beautiful glass ceilings. There are some points that should be taken into account while using it. Of course, these roofs must be highly tolerant of environmental factors such as snow, rain, people’s weight, etc., as well as being energy efficient.

Sky Light Curtain Wall features include the following options:

Prevent dead loads on structures

Large-scale structural modulation

Unique beauty and high strength

Use natural light by applying this type of glass ceiling

Use solid double or triple glazing glass

Produced by an experienced executive team


Excellent quality

Very reasonable price

Indoor and outdoor energy exchange

Prevent energy loss

A variety of Skylight models on the market

Skylight Pyramid Lighter is like a glass ceiling used as a lighter. Take into account the following points regarding the different types of the skylight on the market:

Thermal Sky Light Curtain Wall System

Animated Sky Light

Clad ceiling

polycarbonate skylight

Roof windows

Sloping ceilings

The skylights can be named

The cost of running SkyLight varies depending on the following factors

Profile shape


Profile size and dimensions

Use of adhesive and its type


Whether Skylight is fixed or animated.

And Lightweight and portable one’s prices vary.

The price of Skylight can be found on various sites. Also, they are available on the online shops and these sites, all of which keep their prices up to date.

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