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Aluminum louver production, in addition to preventing direct sunlight on buildings, gives architectural engineers the opportunity to design a beautiful building view. Aluminum louvers are a new example of skylights made in different sizes and have the potential to be installed horizontally or vertically in the building.

This type of Louver is used in residential buildings, offices, schools, sports centers, and any building where beauty and a comfortable environment with a balanced temperature light are considered.

The price of the new aluminum Louver can also be determined by what kind of mold it is.

The types of models of the new aluminum Louver system can be divided into the following:

Spindle Aluminum Louver: Aluminum spindle louvers are brittle sunlight and can be mounted at different angles, making the aluminum spindle-shaped pieces beautiful and yet elegant to the building.

Cubic Aluminum Louver: These types are made in different sizes and their overall structure is made of aluminum

Composite Louver: This model is made of composite sheets that are box-shaped and have all the features of a composite view.

Fixed aluminum Louver: These Louvers are popular because of their ease of installation and easy installation on any facade

Removable aluminum Louver: These Louvers have a remote control (switch) based on modern building technology.

These Louver systems are widely used to reduce the cost of heat in building buildings and houses.

Benefits of Aluminum Louver

  1. The beauty of the final look and the creation of a modern atmosphere
  2. Easy access to the underside of the glass surface due to the easy opening and closing of the profiles
  3. Ability to produce different heights according to customer requirements
  4. Fire-proof
  5. Possibility of painting.
  6. Endurance, persistence, and durability over the finished facade

These louvers, also called aluminum light systems, are capable of providing anodizing to silver, gold, bronze, and black.

Angular laurel paints reduce the sunlight’s impact by up to 80%, reducing the energy loss by about 30%.

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