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Dry ceramic is one of the modern and recent facades at a reasonable price that can be transacted in dealerships all around the world. This modern facade is implemented by a dry installation method and has high strength, besides it is performed in single modules with minimum water absorption. Most applications of dry ceramic are as follows:

Commercial building

Office building

Residential building

Interior part of building


Subway station

Dry Ceramic

Dry ceramic is one of the modern and best facades and has many applications that some of them were mentioned above. This ceramic has specific properties including;

More insulation due to more holes in its thickness

Prevention of cold air penetration

The decrease of cladding cover weight due to existing holes in the ceramic body

Specific pieces for corners and floor windows

Reasonable price

The use of high technology in production

Needless to say, the performance and sale of ceramic tools will be done via the Internet in order to provide you with a beautiful and stylish facade and you can order them directly from reputable websites particularly Concept. In addition, you can buy them in bulk with a discount that is more economical.

You should specify the drawings in advance to perform dry ceramic. Shop drawing is regarded as the first step in performance and even special calculations of the project. Modulation drawings have the main roll in the calculation of price and implementation of dry ceramic. Since instruments and tools which are used in the project are different, the drawings should be sent in advance to calculate the price and invoice. In the other words, material specification and implementation conditions should be determined in advance and then, substructure should be laid according to calculations and also the price of materials, performance, ceramic, and other tools must be determined respectively. If the employer demands to equip ceramics with resin and barriers, the price would be added to the cost. Then pro forma invoice will be sent to you and if the proposed price were in line with your desired price, the company would hold the introductory meeting with employer. At the same time the issues related to contract including received and paid sum will be checked in order to enter into the contract and then the contact will be made and signed.

SAP software will be used to design working drawings, structural calculation notebook, load table, and structural file.

The calculations should be confirmed by a consulting engineer and then the second phase of the project will be started to estimate the materials.

The contractor is completely obligated to supply all materials such as steel and aluminum sections, parts, and connections, and also he is fully responsible for approving all details.

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